Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Work In Progress 4 ~ Cat

"Ginger" the little tabby kitten is finished! Her final measurements are 6 x 6 1/2 inches. Ginger and I have grown quite attached and even though she will be hard to part with I have listed her on Ebay. You can visit her there and see more pictures of her by clicking on the link below.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, your work is gorgeous!!! -nimbleknot

Diane MacNaughtan said...

I just love her! Patricia, you are sooo TALENTED!

Gaia said...

Oooh this is sooo beautiful!!
I came across your blog from Chantal's blog. I wasn't familiar with your work and now I'm in love with every single piece! :)
I'll sure be visiting often, Merry Christmas to you. :)

Liza, creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears said...

Hi there! I just surfed in from the Needle Felting group on Yahoo. I have seen your work on ebay for ages now and I am always in awe of your creations. You do such a fabulous job, I can only aspire to create anything even half as good as yours!

I've been felting for 3 or so years now and its so interesting to see all the different styles, your work always stands out as yours, can't mistake something you have made.

If you are interested in a more active felting group you should take a look at it's a really neat, busy group, and I am also in a couple of other groups which would suit you if you are interested.

Drop by my blog any old time!! :o)

Kind regards,
Liza Adams
Little Handfuls

q.D.paToOtieS said...

I think your work is simply fabulous. There is so much detail in your eyes that they almost look painted. Beyond AMAZING!

All Bear said...

Beautiful! I love ginger cats and this one is bursting with character - just like the real ones, but less naughty!

Folksie Linda said...

Oh she is so her face!! Wow you must needle felt alot! You are amazing!
Hugs, Linda