Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tiny Dancer

For my Daughter's 3rd birthday we signed her up for dance lessons. She loves her dance classes so much. Unfortunately its only one day a week, so she spends the other 6 days continually asking me when her next class is, lol. During class time they have a curtain covering the dance studio windows so the kids are not distracted by parents or others during lessons. I have to admit, I keep moving the curtain ever so slightly so I can peek at her.... I can't seem to help myself... it is such a joy to watch her dance. Now I take my needle felting with me. This keeps me from sticking my head behind the curtain too often (which I'm sure is a relief to the instructors) and I get some work done.....


Aleta said...

What a sweetie your little girl is!! Children are such a blessing! Sweeter still in a tutu!!

I just wanted to pop in to say a little hello and to thank you for leaving such lovely notes on my blog. You're a doll!! And your needlefelting is FABULOUS!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Gaia said...

So sweet Patricia! :)
Aren't kiddies the best source of inspiration? My little boy takes a lot of my spare time, but is also a joy to have! :)

I'm here to pass you the "You Make My Day Award"!:)
I always love to come see your new creations and you certainly made my day telling me that my little bear was published! LOL
Please visit my blog to see how the award works! :)

q.D.paToOtieS said...

My daughter started dance lessons when she turned 4. She was so tired though from her other activities that it was a "chore" to get her to go (she would fall asleep right before we had to leave). I might try again next year when she's a little older and then she'll have the twins to keep her in line (they'll be 4) and wake her up to go!

Anyway, your little girl is ADORABLE!