Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Work In Progress ~ Miniature Deer

With this little deer I wanted to challenge myself and see how tiny I could make her. At 2 inches this is by far the smallest deer I've ever needle felted! I want her to have all the detailing and character of the larger deer I have made. I've already broken three needles while trying to sculpt in all the little details - teeny, tiny, muscles and joints - frustrating - but I'm not giving up!


Conni said...

I am glad already very much to see the roe deer. Your works are so great!
A few think how much time and patience is in it.
All the best for you!

Maurine said...

I love all of your creations. You are so very talented.

Dolly / Teddy Bear and Woven Hugs,
Maurine (from Las Vegas, Nevada)


Zada Creations said...

Thank you Conni and Maurine for taking the time to leave your comments! And you are right Conni - definatley need a lot of patience!